Established in 1948, Niaz Paper Mart operates as a leading Paper and Board importer in Lahore, Pakistan. Niaz Paper Mart is involved in trading of a wide range of Paper and Board, all over Pakistan.

The company has vast pool of talent and expertise available to understand and cater to diverse needs & requirements of various customers to the best of their satisfaction.

Management of our family-owned and operated company takes a "hands-on" approach to the paper distribution business. Due to knowledge, experience and dedication, we are the highest quality and most competitive paper & board distributor in Lahore.



Niaz Paper Mart is dedicated to a partnership in paper involving the Paper & Board industry as well as the entire Pakistani business community

Our broad business base together with over 58 years market experience in the Paper, helps in balancing the cyclical nature of our industry, while providing access to new local and international products and trends.




Our continuous and good business relationship with our suppliers world-wide, have brought us an extensive range of high quality products to be made available to our customers.



Niaz Paper Mart is mostly dealing in branded, prime grade in both cut size/packet pack and Reels. The company is also buyer of stock lots and waste paper.