Empress paper towels are making an impact on the world

New York’s Empress paper towel basket is the most popular of the brand’s products.

It was designed by renowned architect Henry Moore and has been a global hit.

But there’s more to it than just its iconic shape.

The basket is a paper towel hook designed to be used as a hand towel or paper towel sling.

The hook itself is made from a woven fabric and the paper towel inside the basket is coated with an adhesive.

The paper towel can be used on the floor, on a sofa or in the tub.

Moore has said the basket’s popularity is due to its ease of use.

The basket is an incredible accessory for a woman who is on a budget.””

And then it’s a fantastic way of drying out towels, because it takes up so little space.”

The basket is an incredible accessory for a woman who is on a budget.

“It has since become a staple in some of New York City’s most expensive homes.

The price of the basket has risen from $150 (£119) to $500 (£400).

The Empress paper bag is also made in China.

It comes in three sizes, the smallest is about 20cm wide and the medium is about 50cm wide.

The baskets cost about $250 (£150) to make.

The Duchess of Cambridge was one of the first female US presidents to wear a paper bag when she attended the inauguration of President Donald Trump.