Giant paper towels cost more than a car

Giant paper towel manufacturers Zep and Post have been caught up in the heated debate over the cost of their new paper towels and are being sued by customers.

The Australian Consumer Law Reform Commission has been asked to investigate the claims made by Zep.

The Commission found that the paper towels used in its stores were more expensive than comparable paper towels from other retailers.

Zep said the Commission had not adequately investigated the claim made by Post.

“We have not seen any serious or specific evidence to suggest that the claim is correct,” the company said in a statement.

“The Commission has identified some inaccuracies in the evidence and has concluded that the Commission has no case to answer.”

Zep does not sell paper towels to its customers.

“The commission also noted that the companies have not provided an accurate breakdown of the paper costs.ZEP said it would not comment further on the matter.

Zeps owner, George Roper, said it was too early to comment on the claims.

The commission said it had received a total of 4,700 complaints from customers of the Zep stores.”

It would be inappropriate for us to comment further at this stage,” a spokeswoman said.”

This is an investigation into the allegations, and the complaints have been sent to the Commission.

“A spokesman for Post, which is owned by American giant Walmart, said the company would not discuss the matter further.”

In general, we do not comment on pending litigation or legal matters,” the spokesman said.

The company said it is investigating the claim that the Zeps paper towels were more costly than comparable ones from other suppliers.