Highmark Paper towels made by highmark,a local company, for the government, govt says

Highmark paper towel made by a local company for the Government of Karnataka is now going to be made available to the people.

Highmark Paper Towels made by Kansai Electric Power and Power India Ltd (KEPAIL), which makes paper towels for KEMCO, are being made available by the government for the people of Karnasa.

The government has also announced a new initiative for people to buy highmark paper to make sure they are getting clean towels at a good price.

Highmarks paper towel is available at any shop in the state.

It comes in various sizes.

The towels are made from the highmark fabric which is made from cow hair and recycled waste.

The Government of Kansa has said that KEMPIL, the government-owned subsidiary of KELAIL, has been selected to make the high-quality paper towels in the State.

The initiative is in line with the government’s efforts to provide clean water and clean toilets.

In March last year, KEMPAIL announced that all households and businesses across the State would be given high-level cleanliness programmes by March 31.