How a plastic bottle and a bag full of groceries saved my life

An organic paper towel that came from the grocery store was used to clean a plastic bag that was left on the sidewalk outside my apartment building, according to a New York Times report.

The paper towel was taken to the Salvation Army, which was able to take it to a local hospital for treatment of the plastic bag’s infection.

The hospital then placed the plastic bags into recycling bins at the store.

According to the Times, the plastic bottles were left in the parking lot until the morning, when the Salvation Society picked them up.

The Salvation Army was able use the paper towel to treat the plastic and bring it to the hospital.

The paper towel then was placed in the Salvation Center’s plastic recycling bin, which the Salvation Guard then used to bring the plastic back to the store for recycling.

The Salvation Center also shared the paper towels with a local grocery store.