How to avoid buying cheap paper towels

How to buy cheap paper towel suppliers is a key topic for many people in Australia.

Here’s how to avoid falling victim to the high price of paper towels.

A new white paper towel market survey by The Australian Financial Review found that the average cost of paper towel supply has increased by about $50 in the past year.

The paper towels were the main source of household waste in Australia in 2016.

It was the cheapest category of waste, costing an average of $1.83 per litre of paper.

The next lowest category, used paper, cost $0.73 per litres.

“The increase is because paper is more plentiful than ever,” said the paper towel industry body Paper Products Council of Australia chief executive Michael Tuff.

“It’s more expensive to buy a new sheet of paper than it is to purchase the same quantity of paper and cut it into smaller pieces,” he said.

“But in terms of the amount of paper, the industry is very aware of this and they are very careful about this.”

Tuff said there were no easy answers for the increasing cost of using paper towels but said there was a growing trend towards using reusable packaging for paper towels to reduce the waste.

“I think it’s good news that more and more people are buying reusable paper towels,” he told ABC Radio.


And that’s something we’ll continue to see in the next few years.”