How to buy a new paper towel?

We bought two packs of fabric paper towels at the store, and each pack was about a metre by about two metres.

When the first came, we took a few quick swipes and got two towels.

But as we were about to try out two more, the paper towels in the first pack started to feel slightly thinner, and we realised that we didn’t need them.

The second one didn’t have any wrinkles in it at all.

So we had to put them aside.

So, we got the rest.

The paper towels we bought at the shop are made in Italy and have the same kind of fibres as the ones in the supermarket.

They have a slightly thicker texture than the fabric ones, and the fabric one was slightly more stretchy.

I don’t know if it’s the same fibres, but the difference in texture was noticeable.

So that’s a positive.

And the fabric paper towel has a higher surface area than the paper towel.

But the fibres don’t feel quite as soft as the paper.

It’s not quite as stretchy, but it’s a little bit less stretchy than the fabrics.

We had to try them again.

The next day, we went to the store again.

And they had the same towel.

It was about the same thickness as the first one, and they had more wrinkles than before.

They were not as sticky, but there were a couple of wrinkles.

I decided to give the other one a go.

The towels were just as good.

We were using them to wipe down our walls, so I thought they were good for that.

I could see them in the picture.

The other day, I decided that we were going to get another one.

We picked up the other two, and now we’re on our way to getting another one as well.

There are about 200 of them in Italy, and that’s more than twice the number of paper towels I had bought in the store.

You can’t beat that price.