How to turn a dead cat into a new one

paper towels, cedar, and the dead cat are just a few of the items that could become valuable commodities if they come under the control of a startup.

According to a report from CNBC, startup Riva Labs is looking to take over the dead cats trade, and it plans to be the first to do so.

The company is currently looking to hire 100,000 cats for its business, and says that its goal is to sell more than 10 million paper towels a year.

Riva wants to be able to ship paper towels across the world, and is offering to ship the items from the Philippines to India.

The Riva team plans to use the paper towels to provide services for homeless people and the homeless.

The paper towels will also be used to feed the homeless, according to CNBC.

The service would provide people with a steady supply of the necessities they need, as well as help those in need to transition into their new lives.

Rivas hopes to eventually be able purchase dead cats in bulk.

The startup is currently raising $40 million in funding to expand the service.

Riva has reportedly already made more than $500,000 on the crowdfunding campaign.

It is currently in the process of securing an Indian partner, but the company is hoping to raise the funds through the Philippines.

RIVA has been able to secure a major investment from the US government.

A former Navy SEAL and a retired Marine, John D. Rogers, a member of the Navy Seal team that captured Osama Bin Laden, has recently become a director of Riva, and has said that he is looking forward to working with the startup.

“I am committed to helping Riva solve its most pressing issues and I look forward to seeing the first paper towel delivered to Riva’s customers in the Philippines,” Rogers told CNBC.