New Gmail app lets you use paper towels in the shower

A new Gmail app can help you use your phone to cleanse yourself.

The app, called Paper Towels, lets users cleanse themselves in water, using the app’s built-in water dispenser.

The shower is optional, but the app will let you choose whether you want to shower, take a shower, or take a nap.

The service is now available for Android, iOS, and the Web.

Paper Towel works by showing users a screen with a picture of their towel, along with an image of the dispenser on it.

Users swipe right to open the dispensers water dispensing mechanism, and then swipe left to stop the process.

Users can swipe up to open a full-size water dispensor.

The process takes about 15 seconds.

Paper towels are typically used in the bathroom, but they can be used for showering, taking a shower or a nap as well.

Paper towel dispensers are already popular on the Web, and they can also be found in the Amazon app store and Google Play store.

You can download the app for free from the Android app store, or purchase it from the Google Play Store for $3.99.

It’s unclear if this will be available to all users, or just a small subset of them.