Paper towel absorbent paper towels can last up to three years, according to research

Paper towels can absorb up to 3.5 times more water than a similar brand of paper towel, according the new study by researchers at the University of Toronto.

Paper towels absorb more moisture from the air than any other material, said the paper’s senior author, Jochen Schuster, professor of physics at the university.

In their study, the team used a variety of methods to determine the water absorption of different paper towels.

They looked at water absorption rates in paper towels at room temperature, and then compared them to the absorbency of a commercial paper towel.

They also used a model that took into account the thickness of the paper towel and how long it would absorb the moisture.

The paper towels were used in the study by Schuster’s lab and the University at Buffalo, where they were purchased for $10 a roll.

The researchers then looked at the absorbent properties of the towels and compared the results to those found in a study of other absorbent products.

The study found that the absorbents had absorbency that was roughly three times higher than a commercial product.

The research was published in the journal Nature Communications.