Paper towel cylinder for drying out towels

Paper towels are often left in the open in a washing machine.

They often get soaked by the steam from the machine and can cause burns.

There are also problems with water that leaks from the bottom of the mop, causing it to leak.

These issues have led to a number of people using paper towel cylinders to dry out towels.

This article shows how to get the perfect paper towel moped for drying towels.


Cut out the paper towel cube to size.

This is what you’ll need to cut out your paper towel.

To cut out a paper towel, simply cut a piece of paper towel that is about 4cm (2in) wide and 2cm (1.5in) long.

Use a sharp knife to cut the paper into two pieces.

Use scissors to cut both pieces out of the paper.

Now use the flat side of the blade to slice out the towel.

You can do this by pulling the paper straight out of your hand, rather than by cutting it into pieces.

The paper will eventually go in one direction, so cut it in the other.


Cut the paper to size by using the scissors.


Cut a hole in the top.

Put the paper in the hole, then take your paper towels and wrap around it.

It will help to make sure the paper is sticking out and not squishing.

You should then have a clean paper towel which you can fold over to make a towel moping.


Put some paper towels in the moped.

You don’t need to have a large amount of paper towels around, but you should have enough to cover the top of the cube.


Use the paper towels to wipe the top off the cube as you move it around.

This can be done either by hand or with a paper roller.


Once the paper has dried, you can put the paper back in the machine to dry the towel once again.


Make sure you put the cube on top of a towel or towel holder as this will help keep the water out.


You’ll be able to clean the paper up with a rag, if needed.