Paper towel man is back

By now you probably know that a new Paper Towel Man series from IDW Publishing is coming out this year.

The first issue features a young boy named Alex, who is about to be accepted to the school he’s been dreaming of attending. 

Alex is a bit of a loner, but when his dad dies, he starts to explore his inner darkness.

His friends have always been there for him, but the last thing they ever expected was for him to get bullied.

But when he finds out that his friends aren’t the only ones who know about his secret, he finds himself drawn to them.

When Alex gets his acceptance letter, he gets to spend the rest of his life with a secret that could be the key to his future.

The cover of this issue looks like a paper towel, but you can see it’s actually a real paper towel.

Paper towel man by IDW, on sale now from