Paper towel sculptures that look like people can’t stop thinking about

More than 1,000 pieces of paper towel sculpture that look suspiciously like people have been placed on display at the New York Public Library, according to a New York Times report.

The paper towel sculptures have been put up at the Library’s New York branch for about a month.

Many of the pieces of art depict an image of a woman holding a bottle of water, with the words “water is your best medicine” written on it.

Other objects include a woman sitting in front of a fireplace, and a man holding a sign that says “no drinking, no smoking.”

“It’s really an experiment in public art that’s going to hopefully inspire other people to have a conversation about their health and their environment,” New York City Public Library Board President Michael C. Cusick said.

The paper towels are being curated by artist Mattie P. Johnson.

“I hope people will get the message that these are the things that matter, not the things they have to get over in the moment,” she told the New Yorker.