‘Paper towels are the most common paper towels you can find,’ new survey says

By Breitbart News Staff Reporter Brian C. Gralnick January 24, 2018 11:16:00While it’s been a while since the last paper towel survey, it’s finally come to light that the overwhelming majority of people actually use paper towels to clean their cars.

According to the latest findings from the Consumer Reports paper towel market report released Thursday, “Nearly two-thirds of Americans said they would use paper towel to clean a car when traveling, a percentage that was similar to the percentage who used towels for washing dishes or clothes.”

And while this survey was conducted during the summer, it shows that many people continue to use towels in other ways during the winter.

The survey found that nearly half of American households use paper bags to keep towels from soaking in water, compared to just 25 percent of American adults who said they use paper napkins.

Meanwhile, the survey found just 21 percent of people say they use towels for “sweating or sweating profusely” and just 18 percent said they did so during a shower.

“Most Americans said that they don’t even use paper in the shower,” said Consumer Reports president and CEO Michael Dell.

“Only 2 percent of respondents said they’d washed with a towel at least once in a week.

We found that, like paper towels in general, people aren’t using towels to wash the car.”

As for the results of the survey, the company found that more than a third of Americans were familiar with the word “paper,” but only a quarter knew the word for towels.

“While paper towels are among the most popular towels available, Americans may not know the correct way to wash them,” Dell said.

“We found that the majority of respondents do not know how to use a paper towel.

And only 9 percent of Americans have used towels in the past week.”

While the company surveyed a representative sample of American consumers, it did not include a sample of households.

“Our research shows that while Americans have a lot of misconceptions about paper towels and paper towels that could prevent them from using them, they may not be using them in the way that they should,” Dell added.

“The best way to stay safe while you’re at the airport is to use your own towels.”

According to Consumer Reports, more than two-fifths of American paper towel consumers said that paper towels were the most important paper towel they had ever used, with only 10 percent choosing towels with a low level of washing.