The $7 paper towel advert: ‘We do things for you, too’

Paper towels, the staple of everyday life for millions of Americans, are still the mainstay of the American economy.

But many retailers are starting to move away from the paper towels they sell to cut costs.

Now, a new ad campaign from a group of American paper-and-cereals retailers has the idea behind it.

The ads aim to help customers avoid the paper towel trend.

They include products such as the paper napkin, paper towels and paper towels’ signature product, the hardwound.

The ad, called Paper Wound, is the brainchild of New York-based marketing company SoftWound and features a variety of brands including New England Paper, Paper, and Paper Towel.

It was created by SoftWounds creative director Daniel T. Tisch, who says his company has a mission to create a positive image of paper towels.

He said the goal is to create an awareness of the health benefits of paper products.

“Our hope is that our ads will get people thinking about the health and safety issues associated with the use of paper towel, and that’s the kind of message we’re trying to deliver,” Tisch said.

SoftWounds campaign also includes other popular paper products, such as towels and bedding, but it focuses on paper towels more than other products.

SoftWounding’s goal is not to create consumer confusion about paper towels as they are commonly used, but to encourage consumers to seek alternatives.

Softwounds advertising campaign has received national attention, but the company is not the only one to use the term paper towel.

Several other companies have followed suit.

Some of them include, Staples, Target, Walmart and Costco.

“We wanted to show that you can do things with paper towels that paper towels didn’t,” Tsch said.

Tisch said the company wanted to do something positive and also not take away from any other companies’ efforts to promote their products.

The goal is that people who buy paper towels will be able to have a positive impression of their products, Tisch added.

The softwound is used to treat injuries, burns and wounds.

It is also a good alternative to the traditional towel because it is less bulky and less expensive, he said.

But for many, Titch says the word paper towel isn’t familiar to them.

He said the term has a negative connotation.

“The term paper towels was coined by the government and has been used to describe any material used in commerce and has not been part of the consumer consciousness,” Titch said.

“That’s where people are confused.

It’s just another way to put people in a negative situation.”