The first-ever Tesla in the US could be a $35,000 Tesla model

Tesla has announced that it will start shipping its Model 3 sedan in the United States.

It will start selling in July and the first Model 3 will hit the market in 2019, the company said in a press release.

The company did not provide any details on the price.

The first Tesla in America has been a long time coming.

It was announced by Tesla CEO Elon Musk in 2014, and Tesla released a Model S in January of this year.

The Model 3 has a range of 310 miles, which is enough for a trip from New York to California.

The Model 3 is the first car to be able to drive up to 120 miles on one charge.

It has a price tag of $35 and is powered by a 3.7-liter V6 gasoline engine.

The company says that it is aiming to get the Model 3 into the hands of as many customers as possible by the end of the year.

While the Model X was announced at the beginning of this decade, it was a luxury sedan, not a mass-market car.

Tesla hopes to make the Model 2 a mass market car, which it did with the Model S. Tesla has already received more than $2 billion in funding from investors.