Use the new paperless plastic towel key to clean your car

When you need to remove the top layer of dirt, you can always use a paper towel to help.

This paperless towel key is designed to help you wash your car without a rag or sponge, as well as remove all of the water in the car.

There’s no need to go through the hassle of removing a towel every time you wash a car.

The key comes in a variety of colors and finishes, but the most interesting is the white one.

The paper towel key has a paper clip to pull out the key, which is meant to be worn by a person.

To make the key work with this particular key, the company behind the key has to make some changes to the way it works.

The company has to cut a hole in the paper towel so it can slide into the keyhole.

To do this, they’ve made a rubber pad that slides on the bottom of the key hole, which has a rubber-covered ring around the end to help the key slide in.

The pad also has an indent in the center to help it fit into the hole.

The new paper towel keys will cost around $20, and will be available to order starting June 1st.