Why I Love Your Art of Paper Towels

This is the second time this year we’ve featured our own paper towel art!

The first time was on May 17th.

You can see the original art in the gallery above.

The first post, a collaboration between the paper towel artist and the artist himself, was published on April 18th.

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend checking it out.

The first post is a bit more personal than this one, but the two are definitely kindred spirits.

This time around, the artist wanted to capture the spirit of his grandmother’s home, a collection of original pieces by the artist’s great-grandfather, Joseph P. Stinson.

The artist says the goal was to show how the home was “a reflection of the artist and his family.”

I think it captures the spirit well.

It’s really about his sense of humor.

I think he was very serious about his art, his craft, and how it was used and shared and used.

I’m also a big fan of his writing style.

He always wrote a lot about the environment and the environment was just a big part of his world.

I was excited to see the other side of it, because he was really into conservation.

We always talk about how we need to conserve the natural world, but he really wanted to make sure that the environment is still beautiful.

I really liked the idea that he was also very interested in how his work would be shared.

I was always a fan of the work he did with the paper towels.

I always think about that stuff.

You know, when you’re younger and you’re looking at a bunch of old paper towels you think, Oh, I wish I could do that.

I wish it were that easy to create something like that.

So it was a fun challenge.

You always look at it and think, This is such a simple, everyday thing.

So to be able to create a piece like that and also to be so into the conservation aspect of it is pretty cool.

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