‘Wonder Woman’ actress to star in new Wonder Woman film

Wonder Woman is heading back to the big screen with a new movie that’s getting rave reviews from critics and fans.

The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly has a list of film projects announced for 2017 that includes Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and a Justice League movie.

It also includes the upcoming Wonder Woman movie from director Patty Jenkins, which will star Gal Gadot.

The magazine says the upcoming movie will explore the origin of Wonder Woman and the future of the DC Extended Universe.

It’s a big step forward for a movie that has often been seen as an anti-hero, but Wonder Woman has had a bit of a difficult life.

She has faced numerous threats, including a cyberattack, the kidnapping of her parents and the death of her adoptive mother, but it’s been more than a decade since she’s been a big part of the Justice League movies.

The comic book character has always been a woman of color, and Wonder Woman herself has faced discrimination and even harassment in the past.

Now, it seems like Wonder Woman may finally be a part of that changing narrative.

“Wonder Woman is on a mission to protect her adopted homeland, but there are many others who feel that this nation owes her an apology,” the film’s producer said in a statement.

“We hope that the upcoming film is the beginning of a conversation that brings her back into the fold, in which her true identity will finally be known.

And we’re delighted to be working with Patty Jenkins to bring this story to life.”